Top tips for gardening in lockdown

5th June 2020

One silver lining of the lockdown caused by Covid-19 is that people all over the world are discovering or rediscovering their love for the outdoors and making the most of whatever outdoor space they have at home.

Countesswells is a community designed to promote the impact that outdoor space and spending time with nature has on our wellbeing. As we can only spend a limited amount of time outside of our homes for the moment, gardening is a fantastic way to get in touch with nature and benefit from the fresh spring air while adhering to government guidance. We’ve pulled together some top tips for gardening in lockdown to get you started.


Find the right plant for you

There are more factors that affect whether you will like the plants in your garden than you may think; from pollen levels, to its fragrance and look, to how fast and large it may grow. Be sure to decide what kind of plant fits your lifestyle and how much time and effort you would like to commit to caring for your garden.

Start small and steady

If you’re new to gardening and are excited to get started, you might be tempted to jump in headfirst and re-landscape your whole space. Although it’s good to have a plan of what you want your finished garden to look like, it’s best to split the work into small manageable projects. This allows you to see steady progress towards you goal without burning yourself out and abandoning your vision half finished.

Bring the outdoors inside

It’s fair to say that in Scotland we don’t get the ideal outdoor weather all year round. There will often be days and months at a time where you can’t get the most out of your home’s outdoor space. To make the most of the stress relief and fresh air that plants bring all year round, why not place a few indoor plants around your home. They can add a freshness and colour to your space, as well as giving you something to continue to nurture throughout the winter months.

Grow your ingredients

You can enjoy using home grown ingredients  also! Try starting with something as simple as a small live herb garden or go bigger with designated space for growing your own vegetables.  You may even have space for a green house. Research the resources and care that the vegetables you cook with regularly require and in what season they will be ready to eat. You could be surprised how easy it is!