Countesswells resident, Mille-b accepts her Countesswells Citizenship Award

Countesswells Primary pupil receives Citizenship Award

13th July 2020

As the 2020 primary seven pupils ‘graduate’ from Countesswells Primary School, its headteacher was proud to hand out the annual Countesswells Citizenship Award, marking their hard work and dedication to the growing community.  This year was the first year it was awarded in partnership with the developers behind the new town, Countesswells Development Limited.

Jayden Fleck, Millie-b Mackie and Oliver Allan are heading off to Hazlehead Academy after the summer holidays. Since starting Primary 7 at the community’s primary school, they have enjoyed an exciting and challenging year that included them becoming school captains, being leaders to the younger pupils and of course, home schooling.

The engraved shield was presented to 11-year-old, Millie-b at a socially distanced ceremony by Karen Watt, community liaison officer of Countesswells Development Limited. As 2020’s recipient of the award, Millie-b was awarded for her hard work and motivation to help develop the school.

The award is given to the pupil who upholds the school’s core values of resilience, creativity, enthusiasm, respect, confidence and can continue these values in their future learning.

Mrs Rough explained: “The school staff and I have been extremely impressed with Millie-b this year as she has shared some great ideas and has helped implement them across the school.

“Millie-b has a great passion for things. If she feels strongly about something, she is not afraid to verbalise those thoughts, and will be the first to admit when she is wrong and accept someone else’s point of view.

“This end to the Primary 7s time at Countesswells Primary School is not what anyone expected but this year’s winner, alongside their other classmates, has fully embraced this time and used it to learn new skills and develop those already learned in the traditional school environment.”

Millie-b, who lives in Countesswells with her mum and dad and two sisters, was pleased to collect the school’s Countesswells Citizen Award. She said: “I have really enjoyed my time at Countesswells Primary and have loved meeting new friends who live near me. I have also enjoyed being taught by Mrs Rough and the other teachers who have helped shape the new school.”

Countesswells Primary School currently has 34 pupils and is expecting another 12 to join after the holidays. Plans are in place for the construction of the new school building, scheduled to open in 2021.

The modern school will have provision for more than 400 pupils as well as around 60 nursery children and will include a space for early years’ education, an all-weather pitch, parking area and two separate playgrounds as well as an outdoor classroom.

An additional primary school and a new academy are also planned within the approved masterplan for Countesswells.