The UK's fastest broadband comes to Countesswells


Residents moving to Countesswells will have access to the UK's fastest broadband following an agreement for internet service provider Grain to provide hyper fast broadband.

Countesswells will be the first community in Scotland to have access to 1Gbps – up to 35 times faster than the average UK download speed – Grain’s fibre network will be ready and waiting the day residents move into their homes, enabling hyper fast broadband and a crystal clear fibre telephone connection.

Grain has teamed up with Sky to provide residents with the opportunity to have an exclusive deal on the full Sky television experience and have it delivered into homes through Grain’s fibre network. This means homes won’t need satellite dishes and will provide guaranteed 4k streaming.

Our vision is to have Countesswells as the most connected community in Scotland. Accessibility to broadband is a big part of modern day life and the fibre network being created at Countesswells will mean that residents have a guaranteed high speed connection from the day they move in. This will allow residents to have the access they need for leisure and work.

We are also pleased to have Sky on board giving residents the option to get the television package at a discounted price while avoiding the need for external satellites on homes.

Grain provide a state-of-the-art management system, capable of monitoring each and every fibre line to ensure a smooth, congestion-free connection. The network allows them to deliver broadband which is 35 times faster than the UK average. To put the 1Gbps speed into context, a 4k movie which would take 8hours to download at the UK average speed will take just over 10mins on Grain’s network.